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Clwyd Bird Recording Group

The Clwyd Bird Recording Group is affiliated to the Welsh Ornithological Society.

The objects of the Group are to contribute to the conservation of bird biodiversity in North-East Wales by undertaking and promoting the systematic study and recording of the occurrence, distribution, and breeding of bird species occurring in North-East Wales (being the Watsonian vice counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire).

What we do

The members of the Clwyd Bird Recording Group:

a) Support the work of the county bird recorder.

b.) Through the County Recorder collect and collate all available bird records from:

- any organisations or

- individuals engaged in the study of , or recording of birds within the area;

in order to ensure the maintenance of an accurate, comprehensive record of the current status of bird populations within the area.

c.) Publish reports on the birds of North-East Wales, based on these records and contribute these records to ‘Birds in Wales (Welsh Bird Report)’ published by the Welsh Ornithological Society. 

d.) As appropriate and necessary, pass on records of rare birds for evaluation by the Welsh Records Panel and/ or the British Birds Rarities Committee and records of rare breeding birds to the Rare Breeding Birds Panel.

e.) Support partnership action to further national and local biodiversity action in North-east Wales – we contribute to Cofnod, the Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs) by provision of relevant ornithological data to local authorities and other partner organisations.

f.) Data may also be made available to community groups, private sector organisations and individuals where this is deemed appropriate, in the interests of bird biodiversity conservation. However, where data are provided in relation to commercial activities, the group may charge a fee in recovery of its costs.

g.) Ensure the preservation and continued accessibility of ornithological data through Cofnod, the biological records centre for North Wales. 

If you wish to see our full constitution, please click on this link: CBRG constitution

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