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The society shall be called the Clwyd Bird Recording Group, hereafter referred to as “the Group”.



The objects of the Group are to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in North-east Wales by undertaking and promoting the systematic study and recording of the occurrence, distribution, and breeding of bird species occurring in North-east Wales (being the Watsonian vice counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire).

In furtherance of the above the Group shall: -

a) Support the work of the county bird recorder.


b.) Through the County Recorder, undertake the  collation of all available bird records from any organisations, or individuals engaged in the study, or recording of birds within the area; in order to ensure the maintenance of an accurate, comprehensive record of the current status of bird populations within the area.

c.) Publish reports on the birds of North-east Wales, based on the above records and contribute these to ‘Birds in Wales’ published by the Welsh Ornithological Society or other relevant publications.


d.) As appropriate, pass on records of rare birds for evaluation by the Welsh Records Panel and/ or the British Birds Rarities Committee. 

e.) Support partnership action to further national and local biodiversity action in North-east Wales, particularly through the provision of data relevant to bird species of biodiversity concern to partner organisations such as local record centres, non-Governmental organisations, statutory agencies and local government. 


f.) Data may also be made available to community groups, private sector organisations and individuals where this is deemed appropriate, in the interests of bird biodiversity conservation. However, where data are provided in relation to commercial activities, the group may charge a fee in recovery of its costs.

g.) Data provided by non-professional sources are sent to the local record centre, Cofnod, for safekeeping and to assist the conservation of birds in the area.



a.) Funding of the Group is by sales of bird reports, donations from interested parties and from fees charged for data searches. 


b.) The funds of the Group shall be applied solely to the promotion of the foregoing Objects, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred by the way of a bonus, dividend or otherwise by way of profits to members of the Group, save for the reimbursement of agreed expenses incurred on behalf of the group.

c.) The production and sale of reports will be undertaken on a non-profit, cost recovery basis; the primary source of revenue for publication being the sale of the said reports, and from such grants, sponsorship and advertising charges as may be available.

 d.) The Group may maintain financial reserves sufficient to ensure the ongoing viability of the Group and its work towards the objects set out above.



The management and administration of the Group shall be by the members of the Group who shall appoint the following officers: -

Chair (who may be the County Recorder), Recorder, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Report Editor, all to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

Four members of the Group (including at least one Officer) shall form a quorum.

The officers shall have the power to set up sub-groups and to assign to them such responsibilities as they consider appropriate. The officers shall have the power to fill vacancies that may occur during the course of the year, these vacancies to be confirmed by the members at the next Annual General Meeting.



Membership shall be drawn from the birdwatching community of North-east Wales (and may include representatives of the various county and national ornithological associations such as the British Trust for Ornithology, Clwyd Ornithological Society, Deeside Naturalists' Society, Wrexham Birdwatchers,etc). 


6. All members agree to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the Group. The officers shall have the power to revoke membership from any member whose actions they deem detrimental to the objects of the Group.

Non-members may be invited to attend meetings of the Group if it is thought that their specialist skills or knowledge can be of use in furthering the objects of the Group.



The Annual General Meeting shall be held as early in the year as is deemed practical. The Annual General Meeting may be combined with a regular meeting to discuss matters of relevance to the normal running of the Group. Notice of the meeting shall be communicated by email or post to each member.

The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to consider the reports of the Chairman, Recorder, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer and to confirm their continuation of tenure in those offices, or to elect new officers if required.



The officers shall present to the members at the Annual General Meeting, a Financial Statement and Report for the year ending 31st December of the previous year, this financial statement and report being drawn up by the Honorary Treasurer, having previously submitted copies to the Chairman and Honorary Secretary for their approval.



All bird records collected by the Group shall be held by the County Recorder, but remain the property of the Group. Other organisations may have access to these records at the Group's discretion. Records will be transferred to, or kept, in a computer database.

Any property or goods owned by the Group held in the custody of the County Recorder or any other officer or member must be returned to the Group on request or on termination of office or membership.



This Constitution and Rules may be altered only by a Special General Meeting, of which at least two weeks notice has been communicated by email or post to all members. Alterations and/ or amendments shall be made by a majority vote of those members present. A Special General Meeting may not be called by less than three members and any request must be in writing (by email or post) to the Honorary Secretary not less than thirty days before the date on which the meeting is required.



If upon the winding-up or dissolution of the Group there remains, after the settling of all liabilities, any assets, these shall be given or transferred to such bird or wildlife organisations or charities as the Group shall decide. All outstanding records will be passed to the local records centre or such other organisation as is deemed most appropriate.



A copy of this Constitution and Rules shall be provided free of charge to each full member of the Group.


Adopted  17 March 1993

Amended  23 February 1994

Amended 4 December 2006

Amended 3 February 2015

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