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Our Records

The link, below, takes you to a page that will show all the bird records sent to Cofnod by the CBRG and other records provided to Cofnod directly (currently this map only shows records in North-East Wales). The majority of records are visible down to the 1 km level except those that are on the Natural Resources Wales 'Sensitive Species' list. These are only visible at the 10 km level.

To choose a species, start typing the name in the box in the top right corner. The name appears in another field just below where you typed. Click that name and the atlas will retrieve the data from the Cofnod website. Please be patient.

If you zoom into the atlas map of North-East Wales the base map will change and become the 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map with the records superimposed. Each blue square is a slightly different shade of blue depending on how many records there are for that 1 km square. Click on the square to check.

To return to the Our records page, click the back button on your browser.

Click here to see Our Records

The CBRG is very grateful to Tim May of Cofnod for developing this atlas tool.

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