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Committee & Contact

Anne Brenchley


BTO Clwyd East Rep

Ian M Spence

Andrew Dale

Who we are.

In April 2019 the members of the Clwyd Bird Recording Group were those shown above and:

Neil Hughes, Wrexham Birdwatchers

Adrian Hibbert

Lee Barber, Ringing Report Editor

Alex Humphreys-Jones


Contact the County Recorder at: Email Recorder

Contact the Secretary at: Email Secretary

The Clwyd Bird Recording Group is affiliated to the Welsh Ornithological Society.

The objects of the Group are to contribute to the conservation of bird biodiversity in North-East Wales by undertaking and promoting the systematic study and recording of the occurrence, distribution, and breeding of bird species occurring in North-East Wales (being the Watsonian vice counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire).

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