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Here are the files that you will need in order to submit electronic records to the Recorder if you are not using BirdTrack.

The gazetteer now holds the names of all 1 km squares in the North-East Wales recording area. It is easy to use as no place names need to be typed, just enter the 1 km square grid reference (eg SJ2466). If you wish to find, or check, a grid reference try Grab a Grid (the link is on the Submit records page to help you determine where you were).

Record Spreadsheet
Amended record submission spreadsheet (v21) - with more additions and corrections to the gazetteer.
BTO Species Codes
Table with BTO two-letter codes for use with record submission spreadsheet (v11).
Gazetteer (VC50 & 51) (the current version holds 2751 entries.
BOU Checklist
Species list (2018 checklist, with much revised order)
Section 7 List
list of the living organisms of principal importance for the purpose of maintaining and
enhancing biodiversity in relation to Wales.
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