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Cambrian Ornithological Society Indoor meetings 2022

To keep everyone safe, and to help to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Cambrian’s Autumn Programme will be conducted via the internet by ZOOM. This is regrettable, and we apologise to those of you who cannot access the internet, but is the best we can arrange in the present circumstances.


If you would like to join these Zoom meetings, you must contact our President, Maryann Williams on Maryann will send you a link to connect to the group. All evening will meetings start at 7:30pm. Please disable your microphone while the talk is in progress, and re enable it at question-time.

Friday 6th May

By Jack Slattery (RSPB) on Zoom.
Jack Slattery did a PhD on Choughs (in Kent!), and now leads Chough monitoring and habitat restoration for the Lottery-funded Carneddau Landscape Partnership. He knows North Wales’ Choughs individually!

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