Cambrian Ornithological Society Indoor meetings 2021

To keep everyone safe, and to help to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Cambrian’s Autumn Programme will be conducted via the internet by ZOOM. This is regrettable, and we apologise to those of you who cannot access the internet, but is the best we can arrange in the present circumstances.


If you would like to join these Zoom meetings, you must contact our President, Maryann Williams on Maryann will send you a link to connect to the group. All evening will meetings start at 7:30pm. Please disable your microphone while the talk is in progress, and re enable it at question-time.

Friday 8th January, 7:30pm
‘Sketching British Birds & Landscapes’

by Philip Snow

Renowned Anglesey bird-artist, Philip Snow will
talk about some of Britain’s best wildlife, illustrated
with his own sketches and paintings.

Friday 5th February, 7:30pm
‘North Carolina, Birding the Outer Banks and

by Rhys Jones (NRW)

The Outer Banks are barrier islands, barricading the
coast of North Carolina, from the Atlantic Ocean.
Hundreds of miles of deserted beaches, maritime
forest, and marshlands are home to many different
native waders, and thousands of migrating birds.


Friday 5th March, 7:30pm
‘Birding in Japan’
by Niall Hatch (BirdWatch Ireland)

Comprising almost 7,000 islands, spanning more
than 3,000 km, Japan has a vast array of different
habitats. It is a birder's dream; Niall Hatch has made
several visits to Japan and will share his experiences
and some of his favourite birds, and explain how to
get the most out of a birding visit to this fascinating,
safe and friendly country.

Friday 2nd April, 7:30pm
“Pied Flycatchers at Coed Crafnant”

By Rob Booth (NWWT)

Rob Booth will talk about the Pied Flycatcher
Nestbox Scheme and ringing at the North Wales
Wildlife Trust’s ancient woodland nature reserve,
Coed Crafnant in Ardudwy.

Friday 7th May, 7:30pm
“Birding in California”

By Henry Cook (NWWT)
Some of the spectacular birds seen on Henry’s trip to
the Golden State of America.