Cambrian Ornithological Society Indoor meetings 2020


All these meetings are held at Pensychnant Conservation Centre, Sychnant Pass LL32 8BJ. All meetings start at 7:30.


Friday 3rd January 2020
‘The Taj, Tigers & Birds of Northern India’ by Tony Waller (COS)


Tony Waller will showcase some of the wildlife and culture of Bhutan and Northern India, ending with atreatise on the decline of vultures on the Indian subcontinent.


Friday 7th February
‘Blue Faeries’ by Richard Birch

Blue Faeries is a film about conservation in Australia, covering 3 generations of experience, and coming right up to date with Richard’s trip to Australia to revisit some of the conservation projects in 2019. Richard won’t divulge the basis of the title, ‘Blue Faeries,’ so you will have to come along to find out.


Friday 6th March
‘How the Wild Things Get There: Tackling the Mystery of Bird Migration’ by Richard Holland (Bangor University)


Richard Holland researches the cognitive processes and sensory mechanisms by which animals navigate and migrate. He will compare and contrast across species, taxa, age class, spatial scale and sensory mechanisms to reveal how natural selection has acted to shape navigation behaviour in different animal groups.

Friday 3rd April
‘Water for Life’ by Keith Offord

From the wildfowl and waders of our coasts, lakes and rivers to Dippers on fast flowing streams, birds exhibit a variety of fascinating adaptations for an aquatic existence. Equally, adaptation is needed to meet the challenges faced by those species living in arid environments.

Friday 1st May
‘The Nightingales of Fingringhoe Wick’ by Matt Cole

Matt Cole now works for North Wales Wildlife Trust. Until 2017 he managed the Essex Wildlife Trust Fingringhoe Wick coastal reserve which hosts 40 pairs of Nightingales.

Friday 4th September
‘RSPB South Stack / Ynys Lawd’ by Laura Kudelska (RSPB)

An update on the birds of South Stack, including a personal view on the lives and individual characters of the local Choughs.

Friday 2nd October
‘Birding in Japan’ by Niall Hatch (Birdwatch Ireland)

Comprising almost 7,000 islands, spanning more than 3,000 km, Japan has a vast array of different habitats. It is a birder's dream; Niall Hatch has made several visits to Japan and will share his experiences and some of his favourite birds, and explain how to get the most out of a birding visit to this fascinating, safe and friendly country.

Friday 6th November
‘North Carolina – Birding the Outer Banks and Beyond’ by Rhys Jones

The Outer Banks are barrier islands, barricading the coast of North Carolina, from the Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of miles of deserted beaches, maritime forest, and marshlands are home to many different native waders, and thousands of migrating birds.


Friday 4th December, 2pm. in the afternoon.
AGM & ‘Four Old Gits Birding Thailand’ by Rhion Pritchard & Gareth Jones (COS)

The title says it all!