North Wales List: 421

Highest Day List: ?

Highest Year List: 209

North Wales is a truly amazing location for birdwatching, taking in some wonderful habitats from the coasts to the uplands of Snowdonia, to forests and even islands like Bardsey. Over the years it has seen some wonderfully rare species turn up; Black Lark (2003) Summer Tanager (1957), Royal Tern (2018), Red-flanked Bluetail (2016), Black-throated Thursh (2016), Indigo Bunting (2013), Grey-tailed Tattler (1981), Greater Yellowlegs (1983) and Blackpoll Warbler (1976). Below are the lists of those who have seen species in the five vice-counties that make up North Wales.



Henry Cook

Recently Added: 

Henry has seen some fantastic birds over the years including Hume's Warbler (2003), Black Stork (2007), Bonaparte's Gull (2011), Cretzschmar's Bunting (2015), Black-throated Thrush (2016), Red-flanked Bluetail (2016), European Bee-eater (2018), Eastern Yellow Wagtail (2019) and Isabelline Wheatear (2019).



James Andrewes

Recently Added:  Savi's Warbler, Western Bonellii's Warbler and Lapland Bunting

James has some truly stunning birds on his list such as Forster's, Bridled & Sooty Terns, Pied-billed Grebe, Little Crake, Killdeer, a couple of Black-headed Buntings and Black Lark. He still has some glaring omissions such as Great White Egret, Cattle Egret, Marsh Harrier and Sanderling!! which means he should easily reach the '250 club' in no time.



David Winnard

Recently Added: Green-winged Teal (Feb 2020), Velvet Scoter (March 2020)

Having only officially moved to the country in 2017 David still has a lot of the 'commoner' species to mop up but Royal Tern (2018), Richard's Pipit (2019), Yellow-browed Warbler (2018), Leach's Petrel (2018) Ring-necked Duck (2018) and Rose-coloured Starling (2018) are some of the best.



Toby Carter

Recently Added: Red-necked Grebe (Bangor)

Moved to Bangor in Sept 2018 and since then has added some decent birds; Snowy Owl (2018), Spotted Crake (2018), Pec Sand (2018), Rose-coloured Starling (2019) and Red-necked Grebe 2019 (Self-found).