Bird Reports

Why do we produce the bird reports? Our purposes are:

  • To present a detailed list of species seen and counted during the year, and for this to be as complete as possible, particularly to assist the conservation of bird populations within the area. 

  • To present the data from the records in a way that, hopefully, is readable for the general public and especially for birders who provide the data. 

  • To present the data in a way that is useful to anyone, from any agency, who may wish to check on the local status of any species.

  • To record, as accurately as possible, the rare and scarce birds that have occurred in the recording area.

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NE Wales Bird Report 2010

Bird report2004-06cover.gif

NE Wales Bird Report 2004-2006


NE Wales Bird Report 2009

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Clywd Bird Report


Bird report front cover 2008.png

NE Wales Bird Report 2008

NE Wales Bird Report 2007