Welcome to North Wales Listing

Here you will find Day Lists, Year Lists, County Lists and of course a North Wales List. Anyone can add their own list, all you have to do is follow the guidelines below and then email your total to David here to add your list. It would be nice if you included a few highlights you have in your list too.

To add your list simply fill out the following excel spreadsheet by putting '1' in the column of your chosen list, this will give you a grand total at the bottom of the sheet. The sheet also highlights which species have been recorded in which county. You can fill in as many lists as you like. Once completed simply email it and it will be added to the relevant section. You can download it the excel spreadsheet by clicking the icon on the right.

1) Lists should follow BOU guidelines, and so only species on the official list can be included. 

2) Only birds seen in North Wales can be included, the bird must be in the boundary of  North Wales.

3) Only birds seen count. Birds that are heard only do not count (with the exception of Bird Races). Rare birds must also be accepted by the relevant rarities committee. 


Find out more about who has seen the most the species in North Wales


Lists of those who have tried to see as many species in North Wales in 24 hours.


The lists of those who have spent a year finding birds in North Wales.

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The lists of those who have submitted their Anglesey bird totals.

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For the region which includes Bardsey you would expect some big lists for this county.

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A county with some great birding sites, but who has seen the most species?

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Discover more about listing in Flintshire, who has seen the most species and other info.

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Lists and totals for this wonderful county, find out who has seen the most birds.